Self-adhesive technology & foams for sealing, insulation, adhesion, protection

Our products are used in various applications: from window producers to the automotive industry.

Self-adhesive technology from Einsiedeln / CH

Swiss Quality for sealing tapes, die-cut tapes, foam, cork.

50 years of Experience producing sealing materials, adhesive tapes, die-cut parts and customer-specific solutions.

Cork distance pads & spacers to protect glass & mirrors

Wide product range of cork distance pads, window pads, spacers.

Quality; variety; customer specific

sectors & applications

from the construction sector to the automotive industry 

ASTORplast AG's products are used in a variety of segments.


Construction sector - ASTORplast AG - EinsiedelnFor the construction sector,  ASTORplast AG offers the ideal range of products for interior finishing and for the roof area. The products are used in drywall construction as well as roof and facade work and many other craft tasks. In addition, ASTORplast also offers preparatory products for further industrial processing tasks, such as the manufacture of construction profiles.




Industry - ASTORplast AG - EinsiedelnPressure-sensitive adhesive solutions are used in countless applications. The "processing industry" portfolio brings together an extremely broad range of sectors, such as sports articles, the furniture and shoe industry, mechanical engineering and large domestic appliances. Individual applications are standard in this segment.





Development - ASTORplast AG - EinsiedelnASTORplast AG is your partner for made-to-measure pressure-sensitive solutions and contract coatings of all kinds. The strategic "Development and Partnership" business area develops and provides you with advice in the customer-oriented implementation of pressure-sensitive solutions.





Window manufacturers - ASTORplast AG - EinsiedelnWindow and mirror manufacturers use ASTORplast AG products daily, e.g. to seal, glue, mount and protect. Within this sector, ASTORplast cultivates the "transportation protection" segment particularly intensively.





Transport - ASTORplast AG - EinsiedelnThe transport segment also covers general vehicle construction. For example, our customers come from the automotive and automotive delivery industry, railway vehicle and transportation vehicle construction, boat or cabin construction. ASTORplast offers high-quality, efficient anti-slip mats to secure the loads.



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