Self-adhesive technology & foams for sealing, insulation, adhesion, protection

Our products are used in various applications: from window producers to the automotive industry.

Self-adhesive technology from Einsiedeln / CH

Swiss Quality for sealing tapes, die-cut tapes, foam, cork.

50 years of Experience producing sealing materials, adhesive tapes, die-cut parts and customer-specific solutions.

Cork distance pads & spacers to protect glass & mirrors

Wide product range of cork distance pads, window pads, spacers.

Quality; variety; customer specific

glass/cork distance pad/spacer

protects sensitive surfaces

Distance pads act as shock absorbers and anti-gliss spacers to protect glass, painted metal and plastics from damage during transportation and storage.

Type of products: Individual dimensions as sheet; loose; on sheets; on rolls; as reels/spools

Market segments: Glass industry for window manufacturing; automotive

Applications: For glass and other surfaces requiring protection during transportation and storage


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