Self-adhesive technology & foams for sealing, insulation, adhesion, protection

Our products are used in various applications: from window producers to the automotive industry.

Self-adhesive technology from Einsiedeln / CH

Swiss Quality for sealing tapes, die-cut tapes, foam, cork.

50 years of Experience producing sealing materials, adhesive tapes, die-cut parts and customer-specific solutions.

Cork distance pads & spacers to protect glass & mirrors

Wide product range of cork distance pads, window pads, spacers.

Quality; variety; customer specific

sealing tapes/glazing tapes

sealing with expertise

Adhesive tapes - Astorplast AG - EinsiedelnASTORplast AG offers a broad range of sealing materials. We supply sealing tapes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and grades.

Type of products: Single-sided adhesive; double-sided adhesive; adhesive free; with tissue carrier - a wide variety of adhesive tapes

Market segments: Automotive, machinery, appliances, white goods, air-conditioning/ventilation, construction and sanitary ware

Applications: Sealing tapes for ventilation systems, damping elements, glazing tapes, mounting tapes and cork tapes


Product overview

Polyurethane PUR foam

Polyethylene PE foam

Polyvinylchloride PVC foam

Cellular rubber, such as EPDM, CR (Chloroprene, Neoprene), NBR (Nitrile)

Ceramic fibre tape


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